If you want to add activities on your holiday package, please check these.

These safaris are operated from 1st of December, through half of April, for a minimum of 2 participants per departure.

The equipments for outdoor activities – thermal oufits, shoes, gloves, helmets/hats, fuel, meals and/or coffee breaks according to the programs as well as guided tours in English are included in the prices (800 EUR personal liability for damages to snowmobile not included).

As the responsible safari organiser, we reserve the right to change the routing, schedules and duration of the excursions if necessary, due the prevailing weather conditions, or if deemed advisable for safety reasons and the comfort of the participants.

The snowmobile safaris are operated with 2 persons per snowmobile.


Aurora Sledge

Exclusive Northern lights hunt in Aurora sleigh

Exclusive private aurora hunting safari at Lake Inari with Aurora sleigh. You will be taken to Lake Inari with Aurora sleigh, which roof is open to the sky and it’s heated. You can lay comfortable on the lamb skins and your guide will take you deep into the remote wilderness of the Lake Inari. Guide will drive on the ice of the Lake Inari and you will be stop in some beautiful places so you can take pictures and walk on the ice.

Private safari for two persons included warm drinks during the safari and English speaking guide.

Price 150€ per person, 200€ per person with dinner on open fire

Sarmi Overnight Adventure

Overnight adventure in Sarmi Aurora Lodge

Transfer from Nellim with snowmobile sleigh ride thru the beautiful forests ap 9km track, you will be introduced the lodge and the basics how things run around here. You will have lunch at the lodge and you will be joining afternoon activity (snowshoeing or skiing).

After the activity you will have time to relax and enjoy the peace and calmness of Sarmi Aurora Lodge. Sauna is warmed every evening. After the sauna you will enjoy delicate dinner and after short breafing, you will head on to Aurora tour at Lake Sarmi. On Aurora Tour we will provide open fire and warm drinks to warm up while gazeing the northern lights to appear.

Next morning you will enjoy the generous breakfast buffee at Sarmi Lodge, and after this you will be transfered back to Nellim.

Price : 349€ person
Transfers from Nellim to Sarmi, winter clothes rental, accommodation in lodge, fullboard meals, afternoon activity (snowshoeing or skiing), Aurora Tour

Please note that the above itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of the activity providers for reasons of safety or other unforeseen circumstances. Wherever possible any alternative arrangements will be in keeping with the spirits of the original itinerary.

Aurora Bubble, New way to experience Northern Lights!

Night in Aurora Bubble You can fall asleep looking up at the star-lit sky from Your cozy bed and wonder at nature’s immensity as they hear the wind hurtling outside. Each Aurora Bubble has comfortable double bed, a heater and a private bathroom with a sophisticated composting toilet. Aurora Bubble for two persons 155€/person Aurora Bubble for one person 210€/person

Night in Aurora Bubble
You can fall asleep looking up at the star-lit sky from Your cozy bed and
wonder at nature’s immensity as they hear the wind hurtling outside. Each
Aurora Bubble has comfortable doble bed, a heater and a private bathroom
with a sophisticated composting toilet.

Price 155 euro/person

Snowshoe trek

Follow trails up through the snowy forest and up to the hills and eventually come to some
stunning views over Lake Inari and Nellim.

What’s included

We will have a light lunch and warm drinks on open fire during the day. 

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price: 95 €/per person


Cross country skiing

This is the ideal place to try out this exhilarating sport.

What’s included

Once out on the lake, you´ll appreciate the silent beauty of the stunning surrounds. Our guides will lead you to the trails and teach you the basic skiing techniques. We will ski in the wintry silence of the forests and frozen lakes.

Duration: 2 hours, Price: 45 €/per person


Husky Safari

Husky safaris will take you through the beautiful winter scenery of Nellim.

An absolute ‘must do’ when visiting Nellim.  The dog’s excitement for the trails is infectious and as the animals fall silent on the trail you will realize that this is the only way to see Lapland. All our husky safaris include full instruction and are based on two people sharing a sled unless otherwise stated.

What’s included

You will be taught how to handle the sled and then you will start the husky safari. The huskies will pull your sled through the beautiful winter scenery. You will pass through frozen Lake Inari.  Drivig duration ap. 2hrs, husky farm presentation after the safari, lunch in the main building restaurant included.

Duration: 3 hours, Price: 165 €/per person




We will see the way of living in north and local culture. We will go and feed reindeers and help reindeer herder in his work.

A guided snowmobile tour that will give you an insight into the Sámi culture and way of living in the north. The reindeer herder welcomes you and you will be invited to the reindeer enclosure. Guide will tell you more about the Sámi culture and the life of reindeer herder. You will feed the reindeer, which curiously tend to come up and eat out of your hands.


After amazing experience you will have lunch on open fire. Comfortably seated on reindeer hides around the fire you will be served reindeer soup and warm drinks, wich has been heated over the open fire. During the day you will make stop at Nellim church and Russian Border. 


What’s included

Outdoor lunch on open fire during the day. Full day program. We will drive with snowmobiles during the day.

Duration: 5hours
Price: 165 €/person , single drive with snowmobile 230€/person


Wilderness Snowmobile safaris

Experience Nellim and Lake Inari surroundings with Snowmobiles!

2hrs Snowmobiling safari in Nellim and Lake Inari region

This 2hrs experience will start with snowmobiling drive and safety lessons. After everyone is ready to go, we will hit the traks and go exploring the beautifull winter scenery.

Duration: 2 hours
100 €/person


4hrs Snowmobiling safari with Ice fishing and lunch on open fire

We will start with snowmobiling drive and safety lessons down on the hotels lake. After everyone feels comfy and ready to start, we will head on our tour. We will follow the trail around Lake Inari region. Guide will prepare lunch on open fire and some warm drinks. We will drive app. 40km during the day This is the way how local people spend they free time.

Duration: 4 hours
165 €/person



Aurora Tours

Our Aurora Tours are situated on remote places far from light pollution making them perfect spots to gaze skywards in wonderment.

Choose your favorite tour!

Aurora Camp

On our basic Aurora Camp you will be sitting comfy in a sledge, pulled by guide snowmobile and head to one of our specific camp places on Lake Inari.

Duration: 2,5 hours Price: 95€ /person

Aurora Snowmobiling

Aurora snowmobiling is all about hunting the northern lights by snowmobile. You will be operateing snowmobiles and heading to one of our camp spots around the region.

Duration: 2,5 hours Price: 100€ /person

Aurora Hunt by Car

This hunt takes you to Paatsjoki Bridge, known to be one of the best places for spotting the northern lights. You will be transported from the hotel to Paatsjoki with a minibuss.

Duration: 2,5 hours Price: 95€ /person

Aurora Snowshoeing

Aurora Snowshoeing is more and less the warmest form of our Aurora Camps, you will be heading to the magical winter forest with snowshoes, until you reach the perfect place for gazing the skyes.

Duration: 2,5 hours Price: 95€ /person

What’s included on Aurora Tours

We provide you with thermal outfits, a blazing fire and hot drink during these tours.


Day trip to Siida

We will visit village of Inari, Siida, which is centre of Sami culture.

What’s included

On our way we will stop in Ivalo and Inari for shopping. Full day trip, app. 8 hrs. Include lunch and coffee. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT SIIDA’S WEBSITE .

Duration: 8 hours
Price: 120 €/per person